What are .com and .net domain names?

  • .com is a generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). More than 100 million .coms have been registered by consumers and businesses around the world, and it continues to be one of the most recognisable extensions available.
  • .net is one of the original gTLDs too. While the original intention of .net was for the use by network providers, through 25 years of existence, it has grown to be one of the most recognisable domain names around. Organisations around the world benefit from the .com and .net effect!

Why register .com and .net?

.com and .net business
  • Visible. By registering a .com and .net you increase your online visibility and protect your brand while growing and expanding your business.
  • No restrictions. There are no restrictions. All you require is an idea and a great name. As ever-stable extensions, they provide customers and clients with a sense of reliability, while affording your business the opportunity to be globally recognisable.
  • Trusted. These are two of the most trusted domains around and have been in operation for over 25 years. Millions of businesses and consumers continue to choose to enable their websites and email addresses with these TLDs. Creating a memorable web address for your business can make it easier to be found online.
  • Protect traffic. Buying a .com or .net in addition to other domain names you own provides greater protection for your brand and the web traffic to your main website.
  • A premier identity. Getting your business on the web has never been easier and if you are searching for an identity for your idea, make sure you take full advantage of the .com and .net effect and register your premier name now!

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