.eu IDNs Launched.

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IDNs launched for .eu - Be in it to win it!

.eu IDNs .eu IDNs

You can now register .eu IDNs. This means that domain in scripts other than Latin are available on the open market.

. eu IDNs launched on 10th December 2009. Make sure that you're in it to win it and register your .eu IDNs for your company, business or brand.

Register .eu IDNs on a First-Come, First-Served basis

Unlike traditional domain launches .eu IDNs didn't feature Sunrise or Landrush phases. This meant that any and every .eu IDN domain was available for registration at launch!

.eu IDNs are registered on a first-come first-served basis

What Character Sets are Supported?

There are 5 character sets supported for .eu IDNs: Latin-1, Latin Extended-A, Greek, Greek Extended & Cyrillic. Exact characters can be found on our Domain Registration Characters pages.

What is an ACE string & how do I get one?

An ACE string is what you get once an IDN is entered in to your browser’s address bar. It's the converted form of your IDN that is understood by the Domain Name System.

ACE strings begin with four characters, xn--, indicating that the domain name is an IDN. Characters at the end of the string indicate which characters in the IDN you entered were non-ASCII and their positions.

The characters between the prefix and the end characters are those from the original IDN that did not need to be converted because they already belong to the basic ASCII character set.

When you enter your .eu IDNs into our domain search we will automatically convert to the ACE string for you.

How long can my IDN be?

The maximum length of .eu IDNs (the portion after the www. and before the dot) is the same as for a regular domain name - 63 characters. The Limit applies after the domain has been converted to an ACE String.

*exc. ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain name year & based on maximum bulk discounts. **based on maximum bulk discounts. †subject to registry imposed fees.
Telephone orders charged small premium. Please refer to domains price list.