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I’ve Got a Domain Name – What Now?

Have you registered a domain name? That’s a great start – you are one step closer towards building your online presence. There are a few more things to do, though.

Check what appears when you visit your new domain name. Often, registrars will have the option for you to put up a single-page "business card" site which just has space for your contact details and a few uploaded images. There might also be a link to your registrar’s site – so you want to get your own site up and running as soon as possible, in order to avoid sending them all your traffic!

Now you need to buy some web hosting. Hosting is basically space on a web server, and can cost anything between £2 and £50 a month, depending on the features you opt for. offer some of the most fully-featured shared web hosting available. You'll also get a huge Email Address allowance included!

Finally you need to get yourself a website. You can build it yourself using any of the various web design packages available – these come in varying degrees of complexity. More advanced software is available if you need more control over your design. You can also buy templates from designers, or have your site designed professionally.

However, if you're hoping to get started now and you want a professional looking website for the best possible price, there's only one way to go! Our Website Builder is incredibly powerful. You can literally create a professional looking website in a matter of minutes. Select your template. Add the widgets you want. Customise the content!

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Author: Natalie Catchpole