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4 Attributes of a great Domain Name

Starting a new website can be a rewarding and exciting experience. There are unlimited possibilities; whether you need to get your business online or you want to start a blog about your new hobby. But the domain name is what will define your site. It’s what people type into their browser and what people remember to tell their friends about. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and you domain name is your online first impression. It is so important for the success of whatever site you are starting. But what makes a domain great? Well here is a list of 4 things that you need to bear in mind before you press that registration button:

  1. Length - Simplicity rules. The length of your domain name is the first thing you need to consider. Keep it short and snappy if possible. is clearly not going to attract anybody in. It’s far too longwinded. on the other hand is perfect. Take some of the most popular sites on the net;,,,,, Notice a trend here? They are all short.
  2. Memorable - This is an interesting aspect of domain registration. It can be pretty subjective so tread carefully. For example and would be extremely memorable to some, but probably not to a large percentage of the population. Make it memorable to the people you want to reach. This goes hand in hand with the length of the domain. If it is too long, people won’t remember it. Too short and chances are the domain has already been registered.
  3. Keywords -Try and fit one of the keywords of your site into your domain name. This can help massively with SEO and drive traffic to your site. It lets people and search engines know what your site is all about. If you site is about domains, try and get domain in the domain name. e.g. It also helps with making the name memorable. When people think of a company to register domains, having domain in the URL is going to help immensely!
  4. Originality - Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you register your new domain name is to be original! Take the time to search for the terms you think will fit in your domain, see what your competitor’s domain names are and try to differentiate yourself. On top of this you can be hit with legal action if you are caught registering a domain name that uses a trademarked term. Again, this goes hand in hand with trying to use keywords and making your domain memorable. If your domain name is similar to a bigger site you might get forced out of search rankings.

Domain names can be beautiful things. is short enough to be memorable, contains our keyword and is original, letting the company become the brand it is today. There’s no better advocate for an effective domain than the people who type, remember and share it. You can now register some new domains safe in the knowledge that they are perfect for the site you are developing.