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Thank you very much for both the prompt customer service and your advice.

— Sue — 03-Oct-2012

You hero - and a super speedy response!

— JP — 12-May-2014

Quick question = quick reply = problem sorted! Very helpful, straight to the point and sorted within a few minutes. Excellent service. Jordan Levens was extremely helpful.

— Jordan — 02-Apr-2014

Just wanted to thank you so far for what has been an excellent start to having my domains with you. The sooner companies realise that they can succeed with excellent customer care the world will be a better place.

— David — 23-Sep-2014

you guys kick ass. thanks for all the quick replies. you got a customer for life, and I will be referring everyone I know to you guys.

— Dean — 22-Oct-2012

Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. That's twice I've used Domainmonster's support and both times it's been excellent so many thanks.

— Freya — 07-Aug-2012

Thank you for a very quick response. Great service.

— Tim — 28-Oct-2012

Great pricing and a very helpful customer service. You get a fast reply on all your questions!

— Nic — 31-May-2014

Thank you for such a quick response! Monstruosly excellent, awesome job and support. I will transfer more domains to very soon.

— Alexander — 12-Sep-2012

Great pricing and a very helpful customer service. You get a fast reply on all your questions.

— C Y Peterson — 25-May-2014

Thank you for your help, first class!

— Nico — 08-Oct-2012

Thanks for the best support services. Dude you guys rock!

— Steve — 26-Sep-2014

I really appreciate your help, many thanks to you and your team.

— Beth — 12-Sep-2012

Fantastic service thank you so much!

— Rick — 22-Jan-2013

Good prices and excellent service. I feel safe recommending you to my customers.

— Edward — 22-Jan-2013

Thanks alot!! You guys are the best!!

— Mohammed — 22-Jun-2014

Thank you for offering a top service at very reasonable rates.

— Robert — 03-Oct-2012

Fantastic...Super....Thank you very much...Domainmonster!

— Sandra — 26-May-2014

I want to say how pleased I am to have my problem handled so politely and promptly. You are a rare kind and I thank you.

— Oliver — 09-Sep-2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an efficient, easy and very prompt transfer. I had to call a member of your staff and would like to say thank you for his friendly and helpful advice.

— Robert — 17-Sep-2012

Thank you very much for sorting out my issue! This is why I choose to use you guys for my domains, excellent customer service!

— Corrine — 25-Jul-2014

Wow you're astonishing... so fast response! Congrats... that's also why I have advised Domainmonster to other friends of mine.

— Lorenzo — 22-Oct-2012

The best support and domain service out there. Highly recommend @domainmonster!

— Ben — 27-Jun-2014

I would just like to give a huge thumbs up to Domain Monster, I have started transferring all my domains from another provider saving me 50% plus on renewal fees, then I had a problem with my DNS on one domain names I spoke with your customer service department 3 times to sort it out and on all three occasions I found the staff genuinely interested in my issue and very friendly and helpful the issue was sorted promptly and professionally, if only more companies adopted this approach to managing their customers.

— Nicholas — 27-Aug-2012

You guys are my number one favorites in the world!! Thanks a million for all that y'all do!!

— Patty — 03-Jun-2014

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