Complete DNS control

DNS Control

Modify the zone files for the DNS information assigned to your domain.

Point or update your domain name by updating the host records in our easy to use interface. Update and add A records, CNAME, MX & SPF records.

A Records
This is an entry in your DNS zone file that maps each domain name (eg or sub-domain (eg to an IP Address. Learn more…
CNAME Records
A CNAME Record (Canonical Name Record) is an entry in your DNS zone file that aliases a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) to another FQDN (i.e. or Learn more…
MX Records
An MX (Mail Exchange) record is an entry in your DNS zone file that specifies a mail server to handle a domain's email. Learn more…
SPF Records
An SPF record is used to allow the receiving MTA (Message Transfer Agent) to interrogate the name server of a domain which is used in an email. Learn more…

Name Server Management

Name Server Management

Update, Modify and Add Name Servers registered to your domain.

All Name Server changes are made in real time. Due to DNS propagation, across the web, it can take several hours for updates to become active - this known as DNS caching.

Create and manage your own Name Servers based on your domain name.

Complete Tag control

Tag Control

Release the IPS TAG (Nominet TAG) to other domain providers. You can change your IPS Tag at any time; this releases your .uk domains instantly to your new provider.

Domain Registration & Service Features

The following features are included FREE with every domain name purchased through Click on each section to learn more about each of these features.

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