Attract billions of customers with .asia

Tap into some of the fastest growing economies in the world and reach more than four billion people living in the Asia-Pacific region. That's over 60% of the world's population and you only need a .asia web address to connect with them online!

Asia is a rapidly growing force in ecommerce, new media and spending, and a .asia web address is ideal for any expanding business. Whether local to the Asia region, or in Europe or America, now you can tap into the potential of the Asian market with a .asia domain name and grow your business even more.

Can you afford to miss out? Secure your .asia namespace today!

What is a .asia?

What is a .asia

The .asia Top-Level Domain (TLD) is an extension for the Asia-Pacific region. It's perfect for any professional or company that is looking to gain exposure in this entire region, and not just in one country. This makes it a must-have for any company doing business in different Asian countries.

The .asia web address will help to establish a global internet presence of recognition and regional significance that is capable of reaching millions of internet users. It is sure to become one of the larger and widely sought web addresses on the gTLD marketplace.

Why register a .asia domain name?

Why register a .asia domain name

With billions of people living in the Asia/Pacific region, there is enormous potential to grow your business and increase your revenue by expanding into this huge market.

Here are only a few reasons why securing your .asia web address is the best move for your business:

  • Show your commitment to Asian customers Global brands, new businesses and enterprises, and even celebrities have adopted .asia. Strengthen your brand and message in Asia and let people know your business is dedicated to Asian customers.
  • Expand your business in Asia If you have business dealings in the Asian market or are looking to expand to Asia, .asia domains can help you reach millions of internet users and build trust in your business.
  • A portal into your world Use your new web address as a gateway to your main company website.
  • Protect your brand Securing a .asia is vital if you want to protect your brand identity and stop it from being wrongfully used by someone else.

Who can buy it?

.asia Pacific Region

Any individual, business, organization, and community group can secure a .asia namespace, as long as one contact is located in the Asia-Pacific region. Find out which are the ICANN designated Asia-Pacific countries that qualify for .asia domain name registration.

If you don't have a contact in the Asia-Pacific region, we will automatically populate your .asia WHOis information with our New Zealand Contact details. You are of course free to change these at any time, as long as at least one contact is in the Asia-Pacific region. Failing to keep these records correctly updated may lead to your .asia being deleted by the dotAsia registry.

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