Take your idea global with a .co

Looking for a short, memorable domain that can help your company or community reach people from around the world? Look no further as with .co you can now get a truly global, credible and instantly recognisable namespace. Just make sure you register yours now before it's taken!

What is a .co?

While this was initially launched as the country code top-level domain for the Republic of Colombia, now it's recognised as the global extension for companies, corporations, communities and anyone else looking to create a web presence and attract visitors from any location.

Why register .co domains?

Why register a .co
  • It's flexible This extension has become the new home for entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies and organisations looking to create a worldwide footprint.
  • It's available If your desired .com is already taken, don't compromise your branding efforts by getting a long namespace that no one will be able to remember. With .co you have the chance to get the domain you really want in order to succeed.
  • It's short and memorable Not only is it easy to remember and type on a smartphone or tablet, but it also benefits your SEO. The shorter and more streamlined, the better your chances to rank higher on Google and other major search engines.
  • It's fun! Anyone for,, There's no limit on the creative naming possibilities for this domain. This is your chance to raise brand awareness with an unforgettable namespace.
  • You get to create your own custom short URL. Many established brands are using this TLD for social and mobile media, including Twitter (, Google Inc. (, (, and Starbucks ( Now you can have your own custom URL too so you can squeeze more in your tweets.
  • It helps you protect your brand as it prevents scammers or cybersquatters from registering your name and misusing it or harming your reputation.

What if your favourite one is already taken?

Did you miss out on the .co domain you wanted first time round? Don't worry because with, it could now be yours!

We already secure tens of thousands of domains for our customers each year through our back order service. All you need to do is place a back order with us for your desired domain and we will attempt to register it on your behalf the moment it becomes available.

Placing a back order is free. You only pay the regular registration price and the back order fee when we are successful.

Be part of the .co era!

This extension is what the world's next level thinkers are calling home, so make sure you are part of this exciting online space. Be a part of the global community and register your perfect domain name today!

Register your .co domain name now

Register your .co domain name now.

*exc. ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain name year & based on maximum bulk discounts. **based on maximum bulk discounts. †subject to registry imposed fees.
Telephone orders charged small premium.
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