What is a .im?

The .im is the country code Top-Level domain (ccTLD) for the Isle of Man. This particular name extension is administered by the Government of the Isle of Man, but is available without any restrictions to everyone worldwide. Due in part to its limitless nature, demand is constantly growing and it has become more and more attractive around the world. If you want to pick up your .im today, make sure you don't delay!

Why register a .im domain name?

Why register a .im domain name?
  • A .im lends itself to the creation of a number of creative and catchy web addresses for your brand. The namespace is still growing and contains an abundance of available short names that are bursting full of potential. This means that the possibility of you acquiring a valuable and memorable domain is much, much higher!
  • IM and Instant Messenger .im is hugely popular with providers of instant messaging software and has been registered by Pidgin, Yahoo! Messenger, Adium, Meebo, Coccinella, and Trillian amongst others. If you have links to the world of instant messaging, then this is a great opportunity to align yourself to this service.
  • Short and sweet With no restrictions on this ccTLD, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for personal sites and email addresses, for example or With the high availability of shorter addresses, this can really result in a unique and memorable choice for personal use.
  • Protect your brand Be sure to safeguard your online identity. Trying to attain a web address after it has been bought by someone else is much harder than being the first to register it yourself. Ensure that your trademarks don't fall into competitors' hands by making certain you secure your .im first.
  • Growth in Europe As well as the Isle of Man, popularity is increasing in Europe, particularly in the real estate and property sectors of Germany, France and Italy, where the terms immobilien, immobilier and immobiliare are often used.

How to buy a .im ccTLD

You can register your very own .im right now, on a first-come, first-served basis. Be quick and get yours before someone else does. Purchase one now by searching above, add to your basket and then Checkout - it couldn't be easier!

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