A new Internet standard for integrated communication

A .tel is the simplest, most innovative domain that works as a communication hub for your business, enabling your customers to control how they choose to interact with you. Register yours today from and share your business card with the world.

What is a .tel?

A .tel domain name is all about contact data. It's a unique global address book, with highly innovative technology supporting it.

  • A central "contact me" page that's entirely live.
  • A place where email, mobile, Facebook, Twitter & other contact information can all live.
  • Entirely search engine friendly structured contact format.
  • Totally open, extendable and universally accessible format.
  • Built-in encrypted privacy, so you choose who sees what and when.

Why register .tel domain names

.tel is a global contact directory where you have ultimate control over how and where your customers contact you. Serving as a single point of contact for your business your .tel enables anyone with an internet connection to search for you via regular search engines and the "Telpages" directory using your .tel and keywords specified.

  • Publish all your contact data on one unique listing, from mobile number, email, fax, VoIP to social networking sites and blogs. You can even store geolocation data and keywords describing your business so customers can find you online easier.
  • Get a unique web address that can be your business phone number, a ZIP code or anything else that's relevant to you or your business. This is possible with numeric-only .tel domains.
  • Your one-stop contacts hub. No need to update your business cards, just update your .tel details in one easy-to-find location.
  • Reach out to your audience in their own language with a .tel IDN (internationalised domain name) and make them feel more comfortable interacting or buying from you. You can add to your web address characters from 17 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German and more.
  • Super search friendly. The structured format of a .tel web address ensures your business contact details are search friendly for your customers.
  • Fast and direct. Because of the .tel domain's innovative use of DNS, lookups can often be a lot faster than for conventional websites.
  • Connect from any web enabled device, allowing your customers to access your information anywhere, anytime and fast!
  • No website or additional hosting is required with a .tel domain. Plus, these domains are optimised for mobile devices and integration with address books.

And there's more...

Every single .tel web address registered at comes with free WHOIS privacy so you can decide what information you want to make public and who can view your private data. Plus, to make it easier for you to manage your new .tel, we're also offering free access to the Community Tel Hosting Platform.

How is a .tel web address different?

How an existing web address works

Current Top Level Domains (TLDs) all work in a similar way.

  • When you enter a web address it queries the domain name system (DNS).
  • The DNS replies with an IP address.
  • Your browser uses the IP address to locate a website.

How a web address works

.tel uses the DNS in a completely different way

.tel maps domain names directly to information and keywords stored in the DNS system, utilising DNS as a data store.

  • When you input a .tel web address it queries the DNS into a browser.
  • Rather than returning an IP address it returns contact information and keywords.
  • You can then click these contact details for immediate connection.

How a .tel address works

What are the benefits of this?

  • Speed - Because it's DNS based, a .tel lookup takes a fraction of the loading time of a typical web address.
  • Real Time - Your information is updated automatically.
  • Optimised for mobile devices - Integrating into address books.
  • Global - Everything on the internet uses the DNS. Connection anywhere, anytime.
  • Private Data - Is encrypted within the DNS ensuring you have full control over who can see your information.

Register your domain name!

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