Accredited Domain Name Registrar is an ICANN accredited registrar for Domain Names. We are also accredited/members of the following Global and Country Level Registries.

Dealing with a registrar that isn't ICANN accredited, simply means you deal with a middle-man, providing no direct registry connectivity or abilty to directly control your domains! Always choose an ICANN Accredited Registrar.

Accreditation with a Registry ensures that we meet strict technical requirements and competency criteria.

ICANN Accredited registrar for .com/.net domain names

Formed in 1998. ICANN is a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet's domain name extensions.

Accredited registrar for .asia domain names

The dedicated top level domain for the Asia-Pacific region. DotAsia is the Sponsoring Organisation and Registry Operator for the .Asia Sponsored Generic Top Level Domain (TLD). DotAsia oversees the policies and governance of the ".Asia" TLD Registry.

Accredited .me registrar

.me is the country code domain extension for Montenegro. The registry is administered by doMEn, d.o.o., a Montenegrin joint venture (doing business as .ME Registry), whose partners include Afilias Limited,, Inc., and ME-net d.o.o.

Accredited Registrar for .mobi domain names

dotMobi is intended as the domain extension for mobile use.It is backed by leading mobile operators, network device manufacturers and Internet content providers. is a registered TAG holder and Member of Nominet

Nominet are the body responsible for maintaining the register and administering transfers of all .uk domain names.

As a member of Nominet, we have a say in the way that Nominet is run and consequently how .uk domains are administered.

Accredited registrar for .tel domain names

The .tel registry is run by Telnic whose sole purpose is to act as the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for the .tel Domain

*exc. ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain name year & based on maximum bulk discounts. **based on maximum bulk discounts. †subject to registry imposed fees.
Telephone orders charged small premium.
Please refer to domains price list.
Member of HEG Norton Secured ICANN accredited PCI compliant
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