Spam & Virus Protection

More than 80% of emails sent are unwanted or unsolicited; one in five emails and/or their attachments now harbour some kind of virus. Protecting email users against these harmful viruses and time-wasting, irritating spam messages has now become a top priority.

With our spam and virus protection product, you don't need to install any software or hardware. We take care of all of it for you in milliseconds, before your emails arrive in your inbox.

Block 98% with 24/7 protection

With the email product, your mailbox will be protected around the clock. More than 98% of your unwanted or harmful email is blocked and quarantined. We think we've thought of everything, so check out our feature list to see what we cover.

How does it work?

Spam and Virus Filter Explained

Key features

  1. Sophisticated spam blocking. Our spam filter instantly blocks over 98% of spam, with an industry-leading low false-positive rate, giving you a clean inbox containing only the messages you want.
  2. Comprehensive virus and worm scanning. Our virus engines are updating every five minutes, protecting your inbox from viruses and worms.
  3. Content and Attachment filtering. Customise your own attachment and content policies to eliminate unwanted attachments and any inappropriate content.
  4. Fraud Protection. Official-looking fraudulent emails (often designed to deceive you into disclosing credit card details and other sensitive information) are filtered out.
  5. Flexible quarantine. Messages that are suspected as Spam, are still available to be reviewed through your webmail.
  6. Safe/Blocked Sender Lists. Set-up mailbox-specific or domain-wide Safe and Blocked sender lists, making sure you're still in control of the fine detail!

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